Do you ever have any “well-meaning” therapist tell you to stand up taller? 😬🤷🏻‍♀️ Well, you would not be alone. This is a pretty common problem that has a few different root causes. 

What causes a forward flexed posture? 


Weak hip muscles can potentially lead to a forward flexed posture.


Sitting and or lying in a bed with the head elevated can cause the muscles on the front of the bottom to shorten. Shortened muscles on the front of the body can someone “pull” the body into a flexed position in standing. 

Wrong Walker

I am going to sadden a lot of people with this one, but the fancy rollator with the seat can also be a HUGE contributing factor to a forward flexed posture. This reason is two-fold. First, it is the seat which often times gets in the way of taking a normal size step resulting in a tendency to push the walker further out in front. In turn, this requires someone to lean forward. The other reason is the lack of any breaking control when walking. This leads to a tendency for the walker to slower drift further out in front. The best walker is actually the one the hospital gives you. The reason is having wheels on the front and straight legs on the back actually helps to throw the walker down.  If you want to spend a little more money, I recommend the U-step walker. This walker has extended handles that allow room for the seat. 

Fear of falling

Fear of falling can also cause a forward flexed posture. Generally speaking, some people have a fear of falling backward.  If someone has a fear of falling backward there might be more of a tendency to learn forward. 

How do you fix a forward flexed posture? 


  • Strengthening the muscles on the back of the hips are critical in maintaining an upright posture
  • Strengthening the ankles can also help to decrease the fear of falling and help someone to stand up taller. 


It is important to take time each day to lay flat. If you are someone who must sleep in a recliner, try and get the recliner positioned as flat as possible. 

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