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For those recovering from neurological conditions

Speed up your recovery by working on specialized excercises at home. Get instant access to an entire video library created by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Our unique software allows you to:
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    • Filter the category based on muscle group, symptoms, or diagnosis
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This program is not meant to replace traditional Physical Therapy. Instead, it is designed as a complement to your PT program. Recovery is a long process that is greatly improved by consistency.

Use this program alongside your Physical Therapy to retrain and strengthen your body faster and more effectively.

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Get instant access to over 6 hours of videos

Our Doctor of Physical Therapy has created and compiled hundreds of videos for you to pick from. No matter your condition, there is something for you to take advantage of. Filter by symptoms, bodyparts, or diagnosis to determine the best exercises for you.

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One step at a time

Improve your stability and strength at home

It's important to take your rehabilitation at the correct pace, but going to a Physical Therapist just a few times a week often makes your recovery time seem very long. With the addition of this program, you'll be training your body more often, gaining the strength and stablility that you need to feel whole again.

Led by a Doctor of PT

Fully explained & demonstrated videos

Get a comprehensive, in-depth walkthrough of each exercise, provided by a certified Doctor of Physical Therapy. Learn what the exercise should look and feel like, so you know you're getting the most our of your effort.

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About the creator

Hi, I'm Dr. Tara Tobias PT, DPT, NCS

I believe that true rehabilitation is built on consistent repetitions of quality exercises. In my 20+ years of helping patients overcome neurological conditions, I have seen what it takes to get back to a healthy, comfortable life - a life where you can return to doing the things you love with the people you love. That's why I built this program. I'm proud of what I built here, and I'm happy to say that I truly believe these specialized movements coupled with your traditional Physical Therapy program will help you feel balanced and strong once again.

"Tara has made a tremendous difference in my life! When I first started doing PT with Tara I was using a walker & a wheelchair. Tara has patiently worked with me to retrain my brain and nervous system to walk again. Less than 2 years later I am now using just a cane outside & can walk confidently inside. She worked with me to walk down the aisle at my son's wedding. Now my goal is to go on a trip to Paris & London & be able to navigate the cobblestones!"

Anne D.

"Tara is awesome! She has helped my Mother stand & walk with assistance after having a major stroke last year. She is the most dedicated person in her profession. She is determined to see that her patients achieve the most they can & continue to strive to meet their goals."

Christine H.

Just a taste

Three free videos

Use these three videos as examples of what the program contains.

Sit to Stand Training

How To: Start standing with the feet shoulder width apart. Sit halfway down (like you are going to sit down in a chair) and return to standing. Pay specialist attention to bend your hips and knees at the same time keeping your chest slightly forward. This will keep your balance point more forward and prevent you from falling back into the chair.

Wall Plank

How To: Start standing with your feet 1-2 feet away from the wall. Place both hands on the wall with some support on your hands. Reach one hand up off the wall as you extend the opposite leg toward the back (lifting it off the ground). As you perform the movement, keep your abdominals engaged by thinking about tipping your ribcage down toward your pelvis. Repeat on the opposite side. Point of Emphasis: Moving further away from the wall will make this exercise more difficult.

Hip Extension Tall Kneeling

How To: Start in a kneeling position. Sit your hips back over your heels. Return to the starting position.

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Get instant access to all 200+ rehabilitation videos. Over 6 hours of content created and curated by an expert Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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Get instant access to all 200+ rehabilitation videos. Over 6 hours of content created and curated by an expert Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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