Can you see it? You know, that ball of fire in the sky that rises in the morning and goes to sleep at night? Ok, maybe not literally.  I mean, they do tell us not to look directly at that thing. However, figuratively speaking, are you someone who is finding the sunshine in the midst of a pandemic? No? You are not alone. On some days I am right there with you. And that is really hard to do considering I live in the “sunshine state”. But I digress….

My Envy of the Eternal Optimist

In all seriousness, in the midst of COVID, it can be really hard to see the sunshine.  However, I would be amiss to forget about the optimists among us. I am not forgetting about you.  You are my idols.  You are what I hope to be someday.  You see the world through rose-colored glasses.  And of course, you will be the first to turn lemons into lemonade. With full transparency, that is not me. Is there anyone who feels me on this?  Anyone else a self-proclaimed realist?

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to feel

Here is the deal. During this tumultuous time, everyone has there own load to carry. With that being said, it would be ignorant to assume that there is a “right” or a “wrong” way to feel. The reality is some days the sun shines and some days it doesn’t. That is ok.

The fact of the matter is in this moment in time, every human on this planet has at least one area of their life that is out of their control.  For instance, we have little control over this disease.  In addition to that, most of us have little control over the economy.  And sadly, many have little control over their job. 

You have more control than you think

Life is slowly teaching me the reality of the lack of control I sometimes think I have. However, life is also teaching me something else……

I am blessed to have a job that puts me in front of people who are facing adversity. I have had this opportunity for the last 18 years. And it is truly a blessing. I have learned that life is fragile.  And disease does not discriminate.  I have also learned that people are resilient beyond belief.  My patients have taught me that there is power in how you choose to respond to adversity. 

You can give in to adversity and become a victim, or you can choose to fight.  Fight to find gratitude in the midst of a pandemic.  Stomp the gravitational force of negative thinking.  And, at times, climb out of the pit of despair.  For no other reason than………… because you woke up.

The Sun Always Rises

Now here is the real kicker. The sun WILL shine again. The economy WILL recover.  You WILL be able to enjoy going out with friends again. We will all be able to adapt to a new normal. Whatever that normal might be.

Are you still seeing clouds? That is ok. Not to be “cliche” here, but sunshine ALWAYS follows the rain. Maybe you can’t see it now, but you will. And you CAN get through this. We can all get through this together.