I have good news and bad news. The good news is you have tons of potential for regaining more of your mobility back. The bad news is, some of you will never get there. The reality is, that some of you have gotten as far as you will ever get. And it has nothing to do with the severity of your stroke or brain injury, or the number of lesions you have on your brain.

Here is the truth…..neuro rehab is 90% mental and 10% what has physically happened to you. The ones who understand this formula goes further than expected. I call these people the “outliers”. You can’t plug their “diagnosis” into an algorithm and come up with a “prognosis”. Nope, these people defy the odds. There is no such thing as can’t.

What is the foundation of the “mental side” of this equation? Mindset. Get this right and you will go far beyond what even your doctors have told you is possible.

What does is this “mindset strategy”?

  1. Acceptance- outliers get to a place of acceptance faster than the majority.
  2. Self efficacy – belief in yourself and your ability to succeed at whatever goal you set for yourself
  3. Ownership – Outliers take ownership of every aspect of their health.
  4. Future focused – most “outliers” have something they are looking toward in the future. Maybe it is a vacation, a wedding, playing with grandkids..etc.
  5. Purpose – Outliers are focused on serving others.

In this video, I do a deeper dive into each one of these factors and share stories of patients who have exceeded even their own expectations of what they thought was possible.