I recently heard someone say (it was a tweet so, “figuratively speaking”)…….”if you want to have an interesting conversation, get an introvert to talk”.

This “tweeter” on “twitter ? clearly had experience in this area.

But it got me thinking…..as a self-proclaimed introvert, there is a lot going on in that eight-pound bowling ball sitting on my shoulders.

Let’s pause while I give you a small glimpse…….

Why do people get sick? Why does disease even exist?

Why is “pain” so complicated? If I am going there, why is “being healthy” so complicated?

Where do motivated people get their drive?

Why are lazy people……….well, lazy. Is obesity genetic?

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Oh, and…………..

is there a “personality” that is drawn to the profession (of physical therapy) or does becoming a physical therapist create the personality.  Because let’s face it, we are all kind of cut from the same cloth. Or are we? ……………

And that is just scratching the surface ?

But let’s start at the bottom……. why do all physical therapists seem to fit into the same basic mold?

I will admit, I have a lot in common with many of my colleagues.  However, I also feel I am a bit of an anomaly. First and foremost, I am an extreme introvert. But beyond that, I consider myself a right brainer…..

You may think, as many do, most physical therapists are “left-brainers”. And, I will admit, that is true. But not me. I am unique. As a child, I loved painting, building, or creating…”things”.  I would literally take things apart just so I could figure out how to put them back together.   I was a daydreamer. I kind of still am. Enter adulthood and a career in healthcare and you might say I became a round peg shoved into a square hole.  But I digress….

The point is, I am a deep thinker with (sometimes) strong opinions. And yes, they are just that……my opinions. Not fact, not science, not “evidence-based” (the PT will love that one). But, 100% opinions with nowhere to go. Until now. Right here. In the right brain musings….

What you will find on this page is anything and everything that (for lack of a better description) is someone round and doesn’t fit the square hole ? (reference above). 



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