Turn steps are a critical part of walking without fear of falling. It is also a critical step in neurologic rehabilitation. To understand how to master a turn step it is good to understand all of the little movements that are involved: 

What movements are required for a safe turn step? 

Hip Rotation

The hip rotators are very active on the leg that stays on the ground

Crossing Midline

Crossing the midline of the body is sometime very challenging after damage to one side of the brain. That being said, a turn step involved crossing one foot across midline

Head/eye Movement

Our eyes are intregral in maintaining balance. The eyes project images on the back of our brain which helps our brain to know where the body is in space.  That being said, our eyes and our brain LOVE to stabilize on a stationary object. Imagine watching a video where someone is walking and holding the camera. Yeah, your brain doesn’t like that either. 😵‍💫 Never fear, I have a drill for that. 

What are the best exercises to improve turn steps? 

  • Exercises that work the hip rotators in standing
  • Exercises that work on crossing midline
  • Balance exercises that focus on head movement