Being able to eat and prepare food without help after a stroke can help someone both physically and mentally.  That being said, this might be challenging if you only have full use of one hand.  Here are my top four picks that might help someone to start the process of relearning these skills after a stroke or brain injury.

1. Dycem

Dycem is a sticky material that can prevent items from sliding.


How to use:

  • Use it to stabilize a bottle while you open it with one hand
  • Place it under a bowl to stabilize it while you spoon food with one hand.

2. Adaptive Cutting Board

An adaptive cutting board is a cutting board that has pegs on it to secure food so that you can cut with one hand.  Adaptive cutting boards come is a wide variety of styles.  The most economic (cheapest) version  Has nails that stick up to pierce the food and hold it in place and it also has a “wall” around the edge to also keep food from moving.

Now, if I had my choice and I really wanted to make food prep easy, I would spend a little more and get the “cadillac” of adaptive cutting boards.  The Etac delux cutting board 

This cutting board has a “vice” type of feature to hold food in place. Now I only suggest this for people who cook a lot as it is almost double the price of the simpler cutting board. But hey, I am here for you and to make sure you know all the options that are out there ?

3. Rocker Knife

A rocker knife allows you to cut food with a rocking motion versus a “sawing” motion.  This makes it possible to cut meet without needing to hold in in place with the other hand.  They make a “fancy” looking one with a wood handle. The only benefit to a wood handle is if you plan to use this at a “fancy” dinner party.  If not, I would go with the one with the plastic handle.  I mean, I am all about saving a buck (and in this case, it saves you 7).

4. Foam Build-up for Utensils

Foam build up around utensils can help if you are starting to regain grip but it is not yet strong enough to squeeze something with a small diameter. It can also be used around a tooth brush, and/or make up brushes.