“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” – JFK

Yes, deciding to try is a choice. In my opinion, it is the only choice.

“Choosing to try” (that impossible skill) is hard. What if you fail? What if you put in the time and you don’t get your desired outcome? What if the effort does not equal the reward?

Tough decisions are hard to make. But let’s consider the alternative “choice”.  The other choice is to not try.

You can choose not to try walking today, because yesterday it didn’t go as well as you had planned.

You can choose not to work on arm rehab because your therapist told you (your arm) is the best it will ever be.

You can choose not to work on putting your own shirt on.  Well, because frankly, you have gotten comfortable with someone else doing it for you.

​​​​​​​Trying the seemingly impossible doesn’t guarantee success (in life). And in full transparency, I see people (in neuro rehab), fall short (of their expectations) more often than not.  But that is NOT where the story ends…..

Trying offers you the opportunity to gather data…….

When you fall short of getting your shirt on (because your head gets caught 😵‍💫) you learn more about how you are able to move your head and coordinate your arms to get yourself “unstuck”. Valuable data…….

Trying to open a water bottle with one hand (and spilling half the bottle) teaches you where vertical is and…………where it is not 🤪….. Valuable data…….no? 🤷🏻‍♀️

But there is more…..

Trying offers YOU the opportunity to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Trying gives you the opportunity for greater independence and freedom.

Trying builds your confidence. Yes, even if you fall short. Because now you KNOW you have it in you to try.

Deciding to try (hard things) is not easy. In many cases it forces us to confront our greatest insecurities.  It reveals things about us that we sometimes choose to ignore. It might reveal a lack of discipline or self-control. It might reveal our deep down need to be accepted, liked, or to feel “accomplished”. And that’s ok. Acknowledging our character flaws is a superpower…….if you choose to address it.

Long story short, whether you have had a neurologic injury or not, life continues to move forward.  You can become better, or you can become bitter. We all have a choice…..