Products For a Spastic Arm

Having the right tools for stroke arm rehabilitation is  critical. Especially for those who have spasticity.  Spasticity is an involuntary muscle contraction caused by damage to the brain and/or spinal cord. In the arm it can cause involuntary elbow bending which is not ideal for restoring normal arm movement. An effective arm rehab program should including tools to “discourage” the unwanted movements. Here is a set up that I love to isolate  shoulder movement.

shoulder stretch 2 with nylatex strap

Elbow Immobilizer

An elbow immobilizer will prevent the arm from bending and allow you to isolated shoulder movement. This is essential when progressing from movement in synergy to movement out of synergy


Pilates Ring

In the image above, this patient is holding a pilates ring (that I duct taped in the middle to make it more of a oval versus a circle). A pilates ring is great because it is light weight holds the entire arm in a neutral position (stops the arm from rotating inward).


Blue Strap

The blue strap around the wrist hold the pilates ring in the hand. It has a rubber backing which prevents it from slipping. It is also elastic so it is comfortable. Additionally, it has a velcro closure which means it is easy to put on with one hand.